||Jackets For Men

Jackets for Men

When it comes to jackets for men, Mondo Uomo has the sleek styles you’re looking for and the brands you love. Offering a great selection of jackets for men including blazers, sport coats, vests and more, Mondo Uomo has something for every remarkable man and any occasion.

Types of Jackets for Men

Suit Jackets

Among other jackets for men, the suit jacket is most formal. A suit jacket is made to be worn with a matching pair of suit pants. The suit jacket and pants should always be made from the same fabric. A suit jacket is supposed to fit slimmer than other jackets; it should fit closely to the body.

It is not recommended to wear a suit jacket as a sport jacket or blazer because washing and wear can cause a difference of color to develop between the suit jacket and suit pants, which can make them appear to be mismatched.


The blazer is more formal than the sport jacket but less formal than the suit jacket. It also is not made with a matching pair of pants. They also have a looser fit than suit jackets and are not as structured.

Blazers are perfect to wear to weekend events, formal dinners and pretty much anything that calls to dress up. Blazers pair best with flannel pants, chinos, dark jeans, covered twill, and corduroy pants.

Sport Coats

A sport coat should fit loose enough to allow for layering underneath or a sweater and fits looser than the suit jacket and blazer.

The sport coat is meant to be more rugged than the suit jacket and the blazer because it is meant to function as sporting or outdoor attire. Some sport coat’s style details might include pleats, arm patches, and ticket pockets.